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Fitness Blender Quick Total Body Warm Up

Fitness Blender Quick Total Body Warm Up A sedentary lifestyle and poor eating habits make many people feel lethargic. In addition, stimulants such as alcohol, caffeine and cigarettes clog up the system. The body needs help to eliminate these toxins. The Total Body Warm-up is devised to combat lethargy and cleanse the system.

Total Body Warm-up

This fitness blender quick total body warm up consists of ten gentle stages to awaken the body slowly, starting with movements which loosen and relax the muscles in the neck and shoulders. This sequence quickly restores energy and vitality, improving and strengthening every muscle in the central part of the body, especially the abdomen. The flexibility of the spine improves and circulation to the brain is increased. The waist, hips, abdomen, buttocks and thighs are all toned.

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The stretches release tension in the muscle groups and prepare the body for the exercises that follow. As you perform the various steps, concentrate on exhaling, as this helps to relieve stiffness. Having completed the Fitness Blender Quick Total Body Warm Up you will feel calm, your eyes will glow and you will be filled with a sense of inner peace. Fitness blender quick total body warm up  exercises and yoga.

Fitness Blender Quick Total Body Warm Up


Stand tall with your feet together and your
tailbone tucked in. Inhale and raise your
clasped hands above your head.


Breathing normally, balance on your toes
with your eyes fixed ahead of you. Hold for
5 seconds, then return to Step I.

fitness blender warm up upper body

Take your weight onto your heels, grasping
the floor with your toes. Look up, thrusting
your chest forward with all your strength


Exhale and release your hands so that your
arms are parallel. Hold for 5 seconds, then
clasp your elbows behind your back.


Exhale. Push your hips forward and curve
your spine backward. Open your chest and
relax your throat and face muscles. 

fitness blender abs  

Inhale and exhale and stretch forward,
leading with your chin. Keep your.ur spine flat
by lengthening from the tailbone.

Holding your stomach muscles in, exhale
and relax further and further forward,
keeping your spine straight.

Breathing normally, release your arms from
behind you, place your hands around your
ankles and hold for 5 seconds.

total body warm up workout routine


Inhale deeply then slowly exhale as you
stretch forward, resting your forehead
on your knees.Try to place your torso as
close as possible to your thighs. Hold
for 5-10 seconds.

Part your feet to hip-width and straighten

your spine from the tail-bone. Hold your 25   elbows and stretch forward. Breathing

deeply, hold for 10 seconds.

how to teach yourself to breathe properly


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