ambrosia salad recipe with fruit cocktail

Fruit Ambrosia Recipe For Baby 9-12 Months

Ambrosia Salad Recipe With Fruit Cocktail

You could serve this versatile recipe with cooked grains instead of millet flakes
if you prefer. It makes a fabulous base for smoothies, too: just omit the millet
flakes and add any other fruits from this or the previous chapter to create a great
mid-morning or mid-afternoon drink snack.

MAKES: 2 servings
PREP TIME: 10 mins
1 banana, peeled
⅓ cup seedless red grapes
1 kiwi, peeled and roughly chopped
¼ cup Greek yogurt
¼ cup instant millet flakes
1 Put the banana, grapes, kiwi, and yogurt in a blender and pulse a few times
until lumpy.
2 Divide the mixture into two bowls, then stir 2 tablespoons of the millet flakes
into each portion and serve.
STORAGE: Refrigerate for up to 1 day.


MILLET is one of the oldest foods known and possibly the first cereal grain used. It is alkaline and helps
balance acidity in the body. It is also easy to digest, helps bowel function and is calming.
BANANAS are one of nature’s best sources of potassium, which helps regulate salt in the body and is
valuable when your baby has diarrhea. Their pectin content can also help relieve constipation.
YOGURT is a health-promoting wonder food that gives your baby good bacteria, protein, calcium, vitamin
B12, and other nutrients. Offer it plain or mixed with cereals and fruits.

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