how to teach yourself to breathe properly

how to teach yourself to breathe properly


how to teach yourself to breathe properly correctly is an integral part of yoga. All the movements you perform, if they are to be beneficial, require correct breathing. To teach yourself to breathe properly means breathing through the nose from the diaphragm throughout all the exercises in this article, unless instructed otherwise. As we exhale from the diaphragm, our lung capacity increases and more oxygen reaches the bloodstream. This rejuvenates and revitalizes the cells, resulting in increased energy levels and a strong, healthy body.

When you are breathing correctly, you should breathe fluidly and evenly like a wave in the sea, flowing in natural rhythm. Take a few seconds to inhale and exhale. As you inhale the stomach extends outward and as you exhale the stomach contracts inward. As you practice you will notice that your breathing pattern increases in depth and duration and becomes very quiet.

In yoga you will use breathing techniques, known in Sanskrit as pranayama, that will balance the energies and focus the mind. Within the body there are seven energy centers known as chakras. Pranayama techniques unlock blockages so that the stream of energy flows smoothly from the base of the spine up to the top of the head to connect with the universal energy. When the subtle prana, or energy, is controlled, the body also comes under the mind’s control and all imbalances are destroyed. If the body is strong and healthy, the energy flows freely.

How to Breathe Properly Yoga

Alternate Nostril Breathing shows you the difference between the masculine and feminine principle of energy. The right nostril is stronger, more fiery and more intense, i.e. masculine; the left is softer, cooler and more gentle, i.e. feminine. The alternate nostril technique combines the masculine and feminine energies to balance the entire system.

Deep breathing techniques act like a tranquilizer, calming the nervous system. The deeper you breathe, the stronger the effect and the more able you are to combat stress. Pranayama not only teaches willpower and self-control but also improves concentration and encourages spiritual development.

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